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A platform made by psychologists, exclusively for psychologists and students of psychology.

Weʼre the countryʼs most complete online streaming of psychology. Either an acting or a recently graduated psychologist, in here youʼll find everything you need to improve your professional career. From Brazil to the world, with love, our videos are in Portuguese with subtitles in English.

Everything you need in a single place

Discover what you will study with us. Itʼs endless, high quality and monthly updated content, subtitled in English, with new courses and classes.

What are you waiting for?

There are more than 30 certified teachers, divided in more than 25 courses and 400 classes that are made to fit the update demands of psychologists and students of psychology, all of them subtitled in English. If you need an update in your career and broaden your acting area: we have the ideal solution for you.


Psychologists and psychology students already studied at Ser Psicologo.

Now itʼs your turn to hit play on your career.

Boost your psychologist career with

Online Subscription platform

Sign up to our subscription plans and get exclusive content to watch wherever and whenever you want. Hassle free to leave.

New Classes every week, new courses every month

Learn about therapeutic techniques, like how to choose the clinical approach, pricing, marketing, client catching and much more!

Specialised Teachers

Have your classes with specialists of every field and have in your hands quality content. Here you can find plenty psychologists and health professionals.

Exclusive Courses

Get access to incredible courses and knowledge in many areas of psychology. Improve techniques, learn approaches, improve your clinical practice and be ready for the job market.


the best cost-benefit for any psychologist. Get access to the whole content by subscribing.


satisfied students around the world.


Courses and counting (a new course every month!)


all of our courses give certificates.

7 day

Test our platform for 7 days and, if you don’t like, you get your money back.


Get immediate access to the platformʼs whole content by subscribing.


Change the way you work on psychology and boost your career. Quality content subtitled in English at an accessible price – risk and hassle free.


U$ 79.95 / year
  • 25 courses
  • Certification
  • Extra modules
  • New classes every week
  • Support Material
  • Professional Support
25% OFF


U$ 9.95 / month
  • 25 courses
  • Certification
  • Extra modules
  • New classes every week
  • Support Material
  • Professional Support



You can pay via credit cards (you can get up to 12 instalments on the annual plan).

Yes! Hotmart is the biggest payment and digital product hosting platform in Brazil, your data is 100% safe when you purchase.

The amount for the subscription is deduced automatically every month, on the date the subscription was made by the user. 

Yes! In here, youʼre totally free to end your subscription whenever you want, without any penalties or hassle.

The cancelling can be done on hotmart itself, through the option “Configure Payment”>”Do you wish to cancel your subscription”>”Yes”.

Ser Psicologo is an endless platform. In here you find new content every week, like classes, courses, talk shows, curiosities and much more!

Yes! Every course available in our platform does have certifications*

At this moment, no. but every course has subtitles in English.

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